Tesla Model S Boat Mode Observed, Elon Musk Doesn’t Recommend It


Is there anything that Tesla cars can’t do? Aside from being incredible looking cars, we’ve seen Insane Mode added to the Model S via a software update. We’ve witnessed the Model X and its Biohazard Defense Mode (available on future Model S vehicles) clear out pollution. If you thought the only areas left for Tesla vehicles were in the air and on the water, you can cross one of those off of your list right now.

Watch  as a Tesla Model S driver in Kazakhstan enters, and subsequently exits, a flooded tunnel while the lowly internal combustion engine vehicles in the area are left stuck.

You can find numerous videos showing cars getting stuck in flooded tunnels, or on flooded streets. My car tech knowledge isn’t the best by any means, but it seems if you add water to an engine that requires combustion in order to run, your odds of success aren’t very high. A Tesla, or other electric vehicle, on the other hand relies on a battery/electricity rather than combustion/fire. We know based on the Biohazard Defense Mode that the Tesla cabin is likely sealed up pretty tight, and leave it to our favorite real-life-Tony-Stark to explain Tesla’s new Boat Mode (but don’t try it at home).

You really aren’t going to want to stay submerged for too long though. Even though the battery in a Tesla is quite well protected from the outside world, the fact remains that they are lithium-ion batteries. If you haven’t kept up on your chemistry, lithium is a group 1 element, or alkali metal. These elements comprise the top-left side of the periodic table, and all respond quite negatively with air or water. Lithium doesn’t react as violently as something like sodium or cesium, but any sort of damage to the battery of your Tesla would at the very least ruin a very nice car.

Any Tesla owners out there want to try out Boat Mode for yourselves? Elon Musk has confirmed it will work, even if he doesn’t recommend that anyone else try it. Let us know about your success, or failure, or just tell us there’s no way you’d ever put your beloved Tesla through such punishment in the comments below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

Last Updated on June 20, 2016.


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