Factory Reset Protection bypassed on some HTC devices

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Back in March Android Authority reported on a video done by Rootjunky on how to bypass Android Factory Reset Protection. Well, Rootjunky is back and this time has managed to bypass several HTC models’ Factory Reset Protection. Factory Reset Protection, when enabled, is designed to not allow others into your device. If you lose your phone it is theoretically going to keep someone from accessing it and using it. Well, Rootjunky revealed some flaws in the Nexus 6P months back and now in the video below, he showcases just how easy it is to disable FRP on HTC devices.

As you can see, bypassing Factory Reset Protection was a bit involved but not overly hard to do. This is troubling for users of these HTC devices but it could extend out to even more Android devices. Rootjunky has already shown it was possible on the Nexus 6P, Google’s flagship. Google has likely patched the vulnerability on their end already for the 6P.

Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei, and any number of other Android OEM’s could be suffering from this vulnerability effectively making FRP useless for those users. If you own any of the HTC’s Rootjunky references in his video, you can use the method he showed to test for yourself. Of course you’re doing that knowing you’re responsible for your own device and what you do with it. While we’re not certain the same method will work for other OEM’s, you could certainly try at your own risk.

What do you think of this bypass of FRP on HTC devices? Do you think other OEM’s may be affected? Have you tried this method on your own devices? Let us know your thoughts and comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

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