Sundar Pichai’s Quora account hacked

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Hacking group OurMine is at it again, this time managing to hack the Quora account of Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Previously the group managed to hack Mark Zuckerberg’s non-Facebook accounts as well as Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. While Zuckerberg was hacked for having a very bad password, Pichai’s account was compromised through a “security vulnerability” OurMine claims exists in Quora. OurTeam says it has disclosed the vulnerability to Quora but has yet to get a response from the social network. OurMine managed to gain control of Pichai’s Twitter feed to which they posted a few Tweets.

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This latest hack of a high profile technology figure only highlights the security issues we all face. From LinkedIn to the U.S. Post Office, from Twitter to Quora these incidents are only going to increase. Technology companies are quick to sell us their latest and greatest tech and we’re quick to jump on the latest social networks but who’s really thinking about all the security?

Telegram has been shown to not be safe to use and even Google’s own YouTube doesn’t seem to be safe from hackers. Even servers owned by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) have been hacked. Security and privacy are becoming harder to maintain as the internet community grows. What’s worse is, the offenders are at such a distance that it’s almost impossible to know who’s violating your security.

Pichai’s Quora account was only “briefly” compromised before control was taken back but the fact remains, it was hacked. While there are security measures you can take to protect yourself, the honest truth is, if a hacker wants in… they’ll probably get in.

What do you think of Sundar Pichai’s Quora account being hacked? What do you think can be done beyond normal preventative measures to combat hacking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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