Super Duper Party Pooper review: A super, steaming pile of fun

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Techaeris Rating 7.8/10

I know what you are thinking because I was thinking the same thing when I first heard about Super Duper Party Pooper. Holy crap this is going to be awesome. Obviously, someone who writes games has a sense of humor and we get to benefit! I will say I was mildly surprised at the gameplay, the official description was slightly misleading.

Have you ever wanted to poop on party goers but were too socially awkward to just go for it? Well, Super Duper Party Pooper is about to change all that. In this follow up to the smash hit There’s Poop In My Soup by Rudder Games the player will find themselves in the middle of a raw human story of existential panic.

This game does get down and dirty with some #2 action, however that’s not everything. There is more! What do I mean by that? Well keep reading to find out!


Super Duper Party Pooper Eating

Here’s the scene: you’re a dude that has a hanger (Hunger + Anger) issue. The more you eat the happier you are. While you’re eating there is a song playing, and if you eat at the right spot in the beat, you get points! The more you eat to the correct beat of the song, the more multipliers you get to build up your score which increases the brown rockets you’ll have at the end of the level. The game is actually all about rhythm and timing. The pooping on dancing party people is just a funny gimmick when your stomach is full. The more people you hit, the more points you get, and points unlock the next level.


Super Duper Party Pooper seems like a rather simple concept – hit a key with the beat. For those of us not rhythmically inclined, this ends up not being as easy as you’d think. It took me a few rounds to get the hang of this “beat” thing. I did call in an expert (my drummer husband) and the jerk he managed to get the maximum score on the first level on his third attempt at the game. Level 1 is child’s play. As you progress throughout the six levels more complicated beats get introduced – off time, quarter time, and sixteenth notes (all very, VERY technical musical terms). Basically it’s more than just what your head bops to while you’re rocking out to the song.

Super Duper Party Pooper Controls
Eat to the beat, baby!

There are tutorials that help as each new button gets added for you to press at the appropriate time.


Cartoony and perfect for a silly game. Nothing spectacular but I don’t think super detail would be super awesome here. You can go to the workshop to download and customize your player dude, though.


This is where my biggest surprise came from. The game actually has some really catchy tunes for each level. Each level’s song also is representative of that location – China has an oriental flavor to it, The Island is beach music, The Hood is Rap, etc. The good tunes really help get you into the game which ultimately helps you get better.

The even BETTER part is that you can upload your own song to the game. All you have to do is copy the file path on your computer (hit shift while you right click the song and select “copy as path” and paste it into the song field. Go to (assuming you don’t already know the song’s beats per minute offhand) and find your song’s beats per minute. Throw that number into the open bpm field and upload the song! It’s a great feature, although not entirely without bugs. For whatever reason The Island level was not happy about my custom song and after two tries of the game not going through I stopped trying that level with it.

Super Duper Party Pooper Custom Song
Yeah, that’s right. I went there.


I wish. How cool would it be to turn Super Duper Party Pooper into a DDR co-op game or even something like a Guitar Hero/Rock Band deal. Each person gets their own part of the song and then you can be pilot and co-pilot for the finishing of the dooty! Unfortunately the game is only single player at this time. This section will not affect the score since there is no multiplayer, just thinking of ways that it could be incorporated into the game.

Super Duper Party Pooper Finish Him
This never fails to make me laugh.


Super Duper Party Pooper is a really entertaining game. When I first heard about it I thought it sounded hilarious and it was going to be really stupid. I was pleasantly surprised it wasn’t just a big toilet joke. There is real complexity to the game and it challenges your hand/eye coordination as well as your ability to keep time. Overall I found it very fun and quickly addictive as I wanted to ace each level. While it normally goes for $.99 cents on Steam, it’s currently on sale for $.66 cents. That’s less than most apps on your phone. I promise you’ve spent more for less.

*We were sent a review copy of Super Duper Party Pooper for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on June 23, 2021.


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