Goluk T1 Dash Cam Review: Feature packed, nice price

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Techaeris Rated 9.4/10The use of a dash cam is pretty standard in a lot of countries and they’re just starting to gain more widespread use here in the States. Most people who use a dash cam use it to record their daily commute to keep a record in case something happens. You might ask, what could happen that would need recording. Well anything from a police interaction to robbery or assault. A dash cam could also be helpful in an insurance case if you have an accident. They really are a handy tool to have. The Goluk T1 dash cam is more than that. It has some extra features that you just might like. Read on for our full review of the Goluk T1 dash cam and see why it took home a 2016 Techaeris Top Pick.

Goluk T1 dash cam specifications

  • Chipset: Ambrella S2LM Professional Graphic Processing Unit
  • Aptina 2 megapixel CMOS sensor, F2.0 aperture, Full HD 1080P
  • 152°view angle: 6-layers glass lens
  • External storage support: Up to 64GB TF card (not included; recommend class 10 or above).
  • Language System: English

Goluk T1 dash cam features

  • Goluk T1 Wi-Fi dashcam –
    • 1. Wireless Wifi Connect with your Smartphone.
    • 2. Free App Control the camera and settings.
    • 3. separate remote control,taking short videos by one click.
    • 4. Easy instant sharing videos to Facebook,Twitter,Youtube etc.
  • Loop Recording, Emergency Accident Auto-Recording, WDR, G-Sensor, Built-in Microphone Speaker
  • Full HD 1920*1080P, Ambrella S2LM Chipset, 152° Wide Angle Camera, Aptina 1/2.7″ Ultra HD CMOS Sensor, 6 Glasses Lens and 1 Infrared Filter, F2.0 Aperture
  • 360°Rotatable Structure – It can rotate 360 degree, not only for record outside of the vehicle but also for inside enjoyment. More videos please search on Youtube “Fun Dashcam Goluk T1”
  • 18 Months Quality Warranty by Goluk. Size: 1.2 LX1.2 WX3.5 H inch (3×3 x9 cm)

What’s in the box?

  • 1 X Goluk T1 dash camera
  • 1 X Docking station
  • 1 X Wireless remote/MagicKey
  • 1 X Vehicle power adapter
  • 1 X Micro USB Power cable 4 Meters
  • 8 X Cable routing clips
  • 3X 3M adhesive pads
  • 1X User Manual


The design of the Goluk T1 dash cam is simple with very few bells and whistles. Constructed of mostly plastic, the cylinder shaped dash cam is small though I think it could have been even a bit smaller. You’ll find a couple of LED indicators showing connectivity and recording. You’ll find a speaker and a microphone. MicroUSB port, microSD card slot, and reset button. That’s about it, nothing much to it.

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Ease Of Use

The Goluk T1 is easy to use. Simply download the Goluk app, plug in the dash cam, then connect via the Wi-Fi network Goluk sets up. This uses a Wi-Fi hotspot connection, not Bluetooth. Once you are connected you are ready to go, the pre-sets will already be recording and taking stills right out of the box. You can get more granular in the app and change settings. For example, out of the box it records at full HD. If you have a smaller SD card you may want to bring that resolution down.

The Goluk T1 can also be used without the app but it won’t record long length videos without it. What it will do without the app is take stills and 12 second video clips. You can do this by using the MagicKey remote you should mount somewhere in reach. Some people would rather not be recording continuously anyway and some people would rather not use an app. For those folks, the MagicKey will work great.

But the Goluk T1 isn’t just a dash cam. This thing sort of works like a GoPro or an HTC re camera. You can take the Goluk out of its mount and take it with you anywhere. You will need to have an external battery to plug into as there is no internal battery here. But using the app you can share with other Goluk users a live stream and post your videos. Even beyond that, you can just take it along with you and record anywhere you go outside of the car.

Retrieving the videos and stills off the microSD card is as easy as plugging into your Mac or PC. It will open it as mass storage and you can then upload to YouTube or Facebook from your computer. I would recommend getting to know the app really well as there are a lot of features in the app and it is very granular.


Recording in 1080p the picture on this thing is amazing for a dash cam. I’ve never owned a dash cam before so I guess my only gauge for that last comment is YouTube dash cam videos. Seriously though, watch the sample footage below and you can see the picture is pretty crispy and there was little to no shake.

The stills were good too. Of course you will have a mixed bag depending on where the sun is and how much light you have at night. But overall, the quality and performance is really very good.


At the time of this writing the Goluk T1 is on Amazon for $129.99 and I think that’s a pretty fair price given everything you’re getting here. It’s a nifty little multi-purpose camera that can serve as a dash cam, portable selfie cam, action cam, and social media cam.

Wrap Up

The Goluk T1 is a product you should take a look at if you’re considering purchasing a dash cam. We gave it a Top Pick award but read the Amazon reviews as well, users there love it too.

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*We were sent a review unit of the Goluk T1 Dash Cam for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on June 23, 2021.

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