Google’s Faster internet cable goes online today


Google’s “Faster” internet cable goes online today. The cable runs between the state of Oregon all the way to parts of Japan. The Faster internet cable is 9,000 kilometers long and will cover the West Coast of the U.S. and every major Japanese city. The low-loss fiber the cable is made from gives the Faster cable the ability to transmit data at 60 Terabits per second (Tbps) of bandwidth across the Pacific. The system also has extensions to Los Angeles, the San Francisco Bay Area, Portland and Seattle.

“From the very beginning of the project, we repeatedly said to each other, ‘faster, Faster and FASTER,’ and at one point it became the project name, and today it becomes a reality. This is the outcome of six members’ collaborative contribution and expertise together with NEC’s support,” said Hiromitsu Todokoro, Chairman of the FASTER Management Committee.

“This was the first trans-Pacific submarine cable built solely by NEC Corporation, employing the latest 100Gbps digital coherent optical transmission technology. We are honored that the consortium entrusted us to build FASTER. Although we faced many challenges during the construction, I am truly glad that we were able to overcome these and to welcome this day,” said Kenichi Yoneyama, Project Manager for FASTER at NEC’s Submarine Network Division. “This epoch-making cable will not only bring benefits to the United States and Japan, but to the entire Asia-Pacific region.”

Construction of the Faster internet cable started back in 2014 so it’s pretty impressive how quickly the work was done on such a large undertaking. The completion of the Faster cable project may see Google Fiber show up in more cities in America.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

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