FireFlies brings affordability to wire-free earbuds


Wire-free earbuds are one of the latest gadget ideas creeping up in the tech market. The idea is a welcomed one as many users would love to cut the wires even wireless earbuds have. The technology is there and the idea does work. But it’s the price that generally keeps buyers at bay. FireFlies are trying to end that by offering a pair of wire-free earbuds at a reasonable price. Today the company is launching their Kickstarter campaign for their FireFlies wire-free earbuds with an early bird special of $79. That’s a pretty impressive price considering other similar earbuds are substantially more expensive.

Wire-free earbuds are awesome and seem to be popping up everywhere these days… for about $300. That is just too expensive for most of us to be able to enjoy the amazing experience of wire-free personal audio.

We have worked hard for the last year and a half to bring affordable wire-free earbuds to the market without making sacrifice on quality so that everyone can enjoy this exciting new innovation!

The sound quality of earbuds such as these is still a topic of debate. Audiophiles tend to stay away from audio products with no wires as wired is almost always better. But for general use, sports, fitness and the like, FireFlies should satisfy just about everyone — except that elite section of audio lovers. The company doesn’t specify what Bluetooth version FireFlies is using but we’re crossing our fingers for Bluetooth 4.1.

Wireless earbuds can cost you upwards of $200 while the FireFlies will set you back $79 – $99. If you’re into fitness, sports or just want absolutely no wires, these might be for you. Check out the Kickstarter campaign at the link below and let us know what you think of FireFlies. Just comment below or hit us up on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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