Blair Witch returns in new trailer

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Yes the trailer floodgates are usually open this time of year as studios show off what they hope to be their next huge blockbusters. There is no shortage of DC heroes and teams about to hit the big screen but not everything enticing has be to squeezed into tights or have a cape. Horror fans now have something to look forward to as well as the Blair Witch franchise returns after a 16 year hiatus.

The original Blair Witch was an iconic film that was both praised and derided. But love it or hate it, the film definitely made an impact and created a new genre of “found footage” projects that followed, including other horror films like Paranormal Activity and even huge-monster-movies like Cloverfield.  Either way, everyone at least agreed that the sequel, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 , was absolutely awful.



The new movie returns to everything that made the original great. Shaky cams, unstable and unreliable lighting, jump-scares, isolation, and of course, stupid young people with zero common sense.


The plot is simple. The brother of one of the characters from the original film drags his friends to the woods to find her, believing that after all these years she may still be alive. Of course all hell breaks loose and the group is expectedly set upon by the same evil that claimed the first pack of victims. This could all make the sequel awesome or make it a derivative and overrated money grab that plays on our nostalgia after leaving enough of a time-gap from the source material to make new audiences unaware of its lack of originality. I’m looking at you, Force Awakens. None of the original cast or creators are involved with the project (as far as we know). They are replaced with the team of Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett, which will be familiar to those that have seen the first two installments of the VHS films.


It is pretty impressive how the project was kept a secret up until the trailer reveal. Blair Witch will be in theaters September 16th.

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