Nvidia GTX970 false advertising lawsuit settled

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A class action lawsuit brought against Nvidia concerning its performance claims of the GTX970 has been settled. Nvidia will pay each purchaser of the GTX970 $30 and will also be covering $1.3 million in attorney fees. The total dollar amount of the settlement was not revealed but Nvidia does indicate they would pay every person who purchased the GTX970 and there would be no cap on the amount paid out. This means users won’t have to scramble to try and claim their portion of the settlement as the company plans on paying everyone.

“The settlement is fair and reasonable and falls within the range of possible approval,” attorneys for the proposed Class said in the filing. “It is the product of extended arms-length negotiations between experienced attorneys familiar with the legal and factual issues of this case and all settlement class members are treated fairly under the terms of the settlement.”

The lawsuit claims the company mislead consumers claiming the GTX970 ran 4GB of VRAM when it actually ran 3.5GB of VRAM with .5 VRAM separated from the core memory. There were around 15 lawsuits against Nvidia over this and the courts consolidated them all into this one class action suit to expedite the issue.

In addition to the size of video access memory and its setup, the consumers also accused Nvidia of having 64 render output processors rather than the 56 that were advertised and of having smaller specialized memory cache than advertised.

The consumers claimed that overall, Nvidia omitted information that was important for buyers to understand as they made their purchases, causing potential Class Members to purchase products with lower functionality and capabilities than what was advertised.

Nvidia has denied any wrongdoing in the matter but chose to settle the matter rather than continue to drag things through the court system. Instructions on claiming the $30 has yet to be made public but TopClassActions.com will have them when available. What do you think of this settlement? Did you buy a GTX970? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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