Kanye West attempts to land an Apple/Tidal deal via Twitter

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You either love him or hate him or love him and hate him or you don’t give a damn about him. Whichever way you feel you’ll find it hard to get through life without some mention of Kanye West. Kanye West has made it a mission to say some odd things on Twitter from time to time and make his feelings known. He is, without a doubt, very opinionated and generally doesn’t accept anyone’s reality but his own. West’s latest Twitter outburst has Tim Cook and Apple square in his sights and it seems West is just trying to land his buddy Jay-Z an Apple deal for Tidal Music.

Rumors had been swirling that Apple was interested in buying the streaming music service but nothing official has surfaced. After all, if Dr. Dre could land a deal for Beats Audio with Apple, why can’t Jay-Z? In the mind of Kanye West Jay-Z deserves a deal with Apple which could make him even more millions than he already has. Check out West’s string of Tweets below and you tell me if this man is stable?

No one is really sure if Apple is considering a purchase of Tidal and what that would look like. But from Kanye’s perspective, all that needs to be done is for them to get in a room and bang out the deal. Of course this could also be one of Kanye’s elaborate marketing schemes to focus some attention on him, which seems to be working. You know what they say, no such thing as bad press.

What do you think of Apple possibly buying Tidal? Do you think Tidal has something of value to add to Apple Music? Let us know your thoughts and comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Twitter.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

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