Plotagraph Pro is going to change the way you see images


A new software called Plotagraph Pro is going to change the way you see images… Literally!

“Animate your photos now and stand out in the crowd of static images.” This is one of the clever taglines on the Plotagraph website. So what is a Plotagraph? Basically it’s a JPEG image that has been edited so that parts of the image have motion. This motion is saved in a loop as a gif or video. While gifs have been around for quite a while a plotagraph is a little different. While a standard gif can start as a video or as multiple images, a Plotagraph starts its life as a single image.

Plotagraphs can be used in many forms of advertising from mobile, billboard, digital displays, and anywhere a digital image is possible. Along with advertising, landscape photographers are beginning to use Plotagraph Pro. The shift from a still image to a Plotagraph is easy with this straightforward software. A few simple clicks and clouds begin to move, water begins to flow, objects move and things come alive! The workflow is simple compared to the workflow of a cinemagraph which uses specially produced video footage to create a moving image in a gif file format.

Trey Ratcliff is a professional photographer who is known to create some of the most breathtaking images in the world. Trey is using Plotagraph Pro to create some pretty amazing dynamic images. He has released his own tutorial on his website Stuck in Customs. The image above was created by Trey using Plotagraph Pro. You should go check out Trey’s work right now.

A few other big names like Chevrolet, Target, Airbnb, and Coca Cola, have started using Plotagraph Pro in advertising already and many more are likely to start using the software right away. The good news is that anyone can use this software! Plotagraph Pro works on any OS and works with any jpeg image without having to add any additional photo or video content. Right now Plotagraph Pro is only available as a “Pre launch special” for $299. But if you’re willing to shell out the cash then you too can create Plotagraphs.

What do you think about this amazing new software called Plotagraph Pro? Let us know in the comments or on social media.

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