STINO Nano Tech iPad mount goes live on Kickstarter, mount your iPad nearly anywhere

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Tablets like the iPad are great for devouring content. They’re light, easy to use, and have a ton of helpful apps and games for everything from cooking, to working out, and nearly everything in between. While all of those apps are great, if you want to actually use or see your tablet while you’re doing something like cooking, you’ll need to prop it up against something, or have it out of the way to prevent anything from spilling or splashing onto it. If you’ve got an iPad Air or iPad Pro, iClever may have a better solution for you with their newly launched Kickstarter campaign. STINO is a versatile wall mount for the iPad Air and iPad Pro that sticks to nearly any non-porous surface, and can be removed and reused without leaving any residue or damage.

The STINO mount works using a Nano Vacuum Suction Formula (NVSF), a suction system developed by the STINO team to work on any non-porous surface. We’ve seen similar implementations to this sort of solution in the past on things like the Air Dock, though STINO holds a bit more weight, and has a much larger surface area to deal with. You simply insert your iPad into the protective sleeve, and then stick it to the wall, the refrigerator, on a mirror, window, or nearly anyplace else you can imagine.

You’ll still be able to interact with your iPad, but perhaps more importantly, you’ll be able to watch your iPad in a position more conducive for certain activities. Stick it above the prep area in your kitchen to follow along with recipes. Attach it to a wall to keep your hands free to play a game with a Bluetooth controller. Watch your workout while working out to ensure good form. There are plenty of times when having a video or some other sort of instruction playing at eye level while you’re working would be helpful.

As I mentioned earlier, STINO will be available for the iPad Air, and iPad Pro. There are lots of funding options currently available that will get you a STINO mount for as little as $10 for the iPad Air, and $15 for the iPad Pro. Options are available for multiple mounts as well. There is still plenty of time left to jump on board, as there are 30 days left in the campaign. Keep an eye out for our full review of STINO for the iPad Pro in the near future, and head on over to the Kickstarter page for more information and to back this project. You can also see more about STINO in the video below.

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