Limelens review: Bring depth to your smartphone photography

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Smartphone photography is becoming more and more popular as their cameras continue to improve. With those improvements comes the desire to bring your shots to another level. The built-in optics of your smartphone are great but not so versatile. Limelens gives you three lenses to bring your smartphone photography more depth and character. Read on for the full Limelens review.


Glass and metal, that’s what these little guys are made of, and they’re solidly built to boot. The materials and construction are top notch on the lenses and they look sleek and very nice on your smartphone. The included case is made of high quality materials as well and protects your lenses from damage really well. Microfiber cloths, mounting plates, alignment disc and instructions are included. The mounting plates did feel a bit cheap, and I wish they were made of aluminum.  Overall the design is wonderful with simple lenses and a functional, yet attractive, carrying case.

Ease Of Use

Fairly simple to use but you have to take care when putting on your mounting plate. Be sure to use the included alignment disc to line up the mounting plate properly, otherwise you’ll be off and cockeyed. Once you have your mounting plate on you can place your lens in the plate. Take care not to twist too hard or twist the wrong way as the lens is metal and the mounting plate is plastic. The only downfall of these mounting plates is not having a case for your phone and not being able to put a case on even when done with the lenses. Once you have your lens in you can snap away. Very easy to use and setup, nothing to it.


Limelens doesn’t boost your crispness or clarity, but it does give you a nice wide angle shot and the ability to shoot macro photos. The fisheye lens is great for your abstract, artsy type vibes should it strike you. Limelens takes great photos and the images are pretty much what you’ll see from your phone just in different focal lengths. The one thing I will suggest is to find a small tripod for macro photos or something to steady your device with. Macro shots take a good amount of being still and I found it a bit hard to not shake.


$99 isn’t a lot of dough if you’re wanting to add some versatility to your smartphone photos. As of this writing, Limelens is on sale on their website for $49.99, and that is a steal!

Wrap Up

Buy at $99 only if you really take photography seriously. Buy on sale $49.99 just for fun. Limelens are made for iPhone, Samsung phones, Sony phones and others. Check their website for the full list.

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*We were sent a review sample of Limelens for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on February 20, 2020.


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