Will a Sony firmware update fix the A6300 overheating issue?


I recently upgraded from the Sony A6000 to the Sony A6300 for the better video capabilities and better AF features. Going into the purchase I knew that some users were experiencing overheating problems with their A6300’s, but I was well prepared for that considering I never planned on shooting more than 20 minutes of footage at a time. Having only owned the A6300 for a week I haven’t really had time to put it through any overheating tests. Now a new Sony firmware update isn’t going to allow me to test for overheating in Version 1.0 because I went ahead and upgraded to Version 1.10.

UPDATE: Zed ProMedia has tested the new firmware and confirms it has fixed the overheating issue.

Overheating issues were mostly seen by video shooters and not so much by still shooters. Even so, this new firmware upgrade is supposed to address some of those overheating issues. The bad news is, Digital Trends reports that the fix may only fix overheating for stills shooters. Video shooters will have to continue to endure the overheating issues, but that hasn’t been confirmed for sure. Currently I’ve been more of a stills shooter, but with the expansion of our YouTube channel I do plan on shooting more video. The problem of overheating seems to be when you run the A6300 over 20-30 minutes (video) at a time, something I will rarely do right now.

Either way, you can download the new Sony firmware update from their website and test it out for yourself. If you’ve been experiencing the overheating issue, be sure to let us know if this new firmware helps fix the issue. If we get around to testing it ourselves, we will try and update here.

Do you own a Sony A6300? Are you a video or stills shooter? Have you had the overheating issue? Applied the firmware update? Still experiencing issues? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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