USA Today street poll shows consumers not excited about iPhone 7


It is without a doubt that the allure of an iPhone release has continually gone down with consumers over the years. Apple’s iPhone 7 release has received its typical media attention along with the normal leaks and speculation, but consumers just aren’t buying the hype anymore. USA Today went out on the street to poll some passersby and asked them if they’re excited about Apple’s new device coming in September. It’s important to note that this poll isn’t scientific and it was pretty random with a handful of consumers being asked but we think it does represent a good majority of the public’s attitude to Apple’s upcoming device.

Consumers are getting frustrated with Apple’s unchanging device and small incremental upgrades. From what we’ve seen in leaks and speculation, the iPhone 7 will not be that big of a departure from the current model. The biggest changes will be in antenna placement, headphone jack removal, and camera modules. We’re also expecting the home button to be a 3D Touch button which means it cannot be physically pressed. Waterproofing is also rumored, but even with these handful of improvements the public doesn’t seem to be impressed. Generally it is phone geeks like myself who are impressed with things like 3D Touch and upgraded cameras, but the regular non-geeks out there want to see a new design.

Rumors are already swirling about the 2017 iPhone. With next year being the 10 year anniversary, Apple friendly websites are already banging the drum of complete redesign. Apple sees that they’re losing some wind in their sails and know this release is going to be a ho-hum in the eyes of consumers. So the marketing arms are dropping hints to their partners to get excitement blowing for next year. Whatever happens with iPhone 7, I think this street poll is pretty reflective of how people feel right now and I hope Apple doesn’t lose ground before they celebrate that 10 year iPhone birthday.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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