Sony XAV-AX100 car audio system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

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Sony Electronics has announced its newest car audio system the Sony XAV-AX100, and it will support both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Of course there’s more to the audio system than just those two features, but Sony is offering CarPlay and Android Auto as a big deal so you’re not set with just one mobile OS for your vehicle. Sony has also included a super easy user interface and EXTRA BASS support, which I will get to a bit later.

Sony XAV-AX100 Front Android Auto

Just to get this out of the way really quick, Apple CarPlay is Apple’s way of connecting your iPhone to your vehicle allowing you to play music from Apple Music, navigation from Maps, Siri, making phone calls, and replying back to text messages. As for Android Auto, it’s coming down with the same abilities as CarPlay but going through Android apps such as Play Music (plus more music apps), Google Maps, using Google Search, etc. Both are set to help you not use your phone while driving and get distracted.

There, now that that’s said and done, let’s get to the other things this guy offers. As I mentioned above, the user interface is much more simple and safer to use as it offers a touchscreen for operation and better visibility for night drives and glare from the sun. The XAV-AX100 also offers four 55-watt Dynamic Reality Amp 2 and EXTRA BASS to block out engine noises and provide clear audio at any volume setting you use. On top of that, there’s 10 EQ to choose from. More to add on is a 3 pre out connectivity to allow folks to connect external amplifiers and create their own audio system. And lastly, Sony is using their DSO (Dynamic Stage Organizer) to help out with the front door speakers giving much better clarity of sound.

Sony XAV-AX100 Front Sony Music File Playback

Pricing for the unit will be $500 and it will be available for purchase in North America in late November of this year. What are your thoughts about a car audio system being able to operate both CarPlay and Android Auto? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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