Code found in Pokémon GO hints at new features like trading, legendary Pokémon

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Yay another Pokémon GO article to add to the mountain of articles that already exist. I joke, I joke. Anyway, new code in a future update for this famous mobile game for iOS and Android comes with new features that Niantic Labs promised. Mainly trading Pokémon, which is the big one that everyone wants. Other new features include catching legendary Pokémon, a buddy Pokémon to walk around with you, VR abilities, and a new way of using incense to catch specific types of creatures.

Starting off with the feature everyone has wanted the longest, trading Pokémon. You’ll be able to find friends and trade, you know, Pokémon with each other. Reddit users were able to see phrases (Trade_search & Trade_offer) in the coding for the newest update for trading with others. As for how you’ll find said friends is beyond me as there isn’t really a way of adding your friends in. Of course this ability will probably be added so you can trade your Pokémon with friends.

The Buddy portion of the update is actually pretty cool. You’ll be able to have a Pokémon follow you around and collect candies every ‘x’ amount of distance for that specific Pokémon allowing it to evolve faster. Each buddy will have a different size to it which may determine the distance needed to walk to collect a candy.

Legendary Pokémon are a no go at the moment, no matter what you see on the internet, but Niantic Labs looks to be adding in the ability to catch those legendary Pokémon such as Mew and Mewtwo. Niantic has hinted that they will introduce group events in the game which will most likely give you the ability to catch legendaries.

Incense as of right now give you 30 minutes to encounter Pokémon around you. Soon, Niantic Labs will allow you to get specific types of Pokémon around you with different incense. Code such as Item_incense_cool and Item_incense_floral have been discovered. What “cool” and “floral” mean could be anything. Floral is more of a given as it could attract bug or grass Pokémon. Cool may attract ice or water Pokémon, or those that are just cool looking.

VR ability will come sooner or later and will allow you to play the game with most likely Google Cardboard. While this may sound cool to some, it may not appeal to others out there.

All of the new features will be coming to the game, but probably not all at once. What are your thoughts on this new update to Pokémon GO? Are you excited about finally having the ability to trade and catch legendary Pokémon? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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