Lenovo Yoga Book replaces laptop keyboard with multi-function Create Pad


Just prior to the launch of the IFA tradeshow in Berlin today, Lenovo was busy announcing their newest products to the world. Not to diminish any of the other Lenovo announcements, but I feel safe in assuming that most everybody will be talking about the Lenovo Yoga Book. The Lenovo Yoga Book is a super-thin, super-light convertible laptop/tablet device that gets rid of the traditional keyboard in favor of an incredible looking touchpad.

The design elements for this 10″ Android or Windows device look quite similar to the Lenovo Yoga 900, or 900s, both of which we have lauded for their incredible design. The iconic watch hinge design returns, although in a much slimmer profile. The Yoga Book measures in at a mere 9.6mm when closed and weighs a seemingly impossible 690g.

The outside looks as though it will continue carrying the incredible design we’ve seen in the Yoga line up until this point, but I’m pretty sure the part that’s going to blow some minds is the Halo Keyboard and Create Pad. Where you’d normally expect to find a keyboard on a traditional laptop, on the Yoga Book you’ll instead find a flat panel. When needed, a full backlit virtual keyboard appears, allowing you to type with haptic feedback. The keyboard features shortcut keys, and the Book itself touts improved prediction software to make typing on a virtual keyboard more palatable.

When the keyboard is not needed though, the area transforms into what Lenovo is calling the Create Pad. This pad allows for digitizing anything you write, draw, or doodle. The Real Pen allows for even more input options. I’ll let Lenovo describe what they were going for here:

The lack of physical keys also allows the Halo Keyboard’s flush surface to house the Create Pad. For the artists and free hand note-takers, the Create Pad converts into a virtual notepad that instantly digitizes everything from doodles and to-do lists to web page annotations and on-screen notes, using the Real Pen and our Note Saver app. The Real Pen is the first digital pen to use state-of-the-art EMR technology and real ink for a never-seen-before dual use application. Matching the size of a real pen – hence its name – it can digitize notes and sketches written on paper with real ink, or function as a stylus when writing straight on the Create Pad – capturing everything you write or draw to the screen.

The Yoga Book will be available in both Android and Windows 10 flavors, both featuring the same internal specs: 10.1″ screen with 1920×1200 resolution, Intel Atom processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, SD-Card for storage expansion, and an 8500mAh battery. The Android version includes several Lenovo apps that take advantage of the Yoga Book’s capabilities.

Both versions are expected to be available in October, with the Android variant priced at $499 and the Windows 10 model priced at $549. This sounds like an amazing device, and seeing it in motion in the video below it looks pretty incredible too.

What do you think about the Lenovo Yoga Book? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

Last Updated on August 31, 2016.


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