FIIL Diva Pro add 3D audio and internal storage to wireless headphones


The FIIL Diva Pro on-ear wireless headphones are sure to stand apart from the crowd with 3D audio and built-in music storage.

“When we began designing Diva Pro, we knew what we want was more than just iterations of our current product line,” says FIIL President Wang Feng. “We needed to spot music lovers’ unfulfilled needs and create things for them. With that thought in mind, the team went through all of the items of our competitors’ and agreed that we can do just that. In fact, we are confident to do better than that.”

The Diva Pro headphones have 4GB of storage, can hold up to 1,000 music files, and feature both voice and touch control. This allows for true wireless music enjoyment without needing to carry a cellphone with you at the same time. There is a FIIL+ App that allows you to further adjust the settings on the headphones, including bass and treble control, ANC control, and battery life monitoring. The Diva Pro on-ear  headphones also have motion sensing technology which automatically pauses music when the headphones are removed from your head, and starts it back up when you put the headphones back on.


A few of the main features of the FIIL Diva Pro include:

  • Voice Search: Talk to the headphones to communicate what song you’d like to play
  • Touch Control: Change the song, turn up the volume or pause music by sliding your finger over the cover of the headphone.
  • Wearing Sensor Tech: FIIL knows when you take off the headphones and pauses the music, starts the music back up when you put them back on.
  • Patented My AudioFiilter Technology (MAF): MAF is our patented technology that contains Noise Canceling, Monitor, Open and Windy modes.
  • 3D audio: Gives you powerful surround-sound quality music with Living Room, Theater and Hall modes.
  • Standby time of 40 days, playtime of 33 hours on a single charge and weighs .47 lbs.

The Kickstarter is almost funded with just over a month to go, and you can still score the FIIL Diva Pro on-ear wireless headphones in white or black for $200 with early bird pricing, or $219 when those are sold out.

What feature on the FIIL Diva Pro headphones piques your interest the most? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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Last Updated on September 2, 2016.


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