Google bites back at Microsoft over Chrome battery drain

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One of the biggest complaints from Chrome users in the past has been Chrome battery drain. So much so that Microsoft demonstrated Chrome battery drain on its Surface Books vs their Edge browser. Now Google is biting back with a demonstration of their own showing that Chrome battery drain has decreased by over 2 hours on the same Surface Books Microsoft tested. Chrome 46 is the 2015 version of Chrome and Chrome 53 is the 2016 version. Both Surface Books ran Vimeo until they could run no more, Chrome 46 made it to just over 8 hours. Chrome 53 on the other hand, made it nearly 11 hours. So the improvements in battery are significant and that is a good thing for Chrome users.

Speed has always been a priority for Chrome. People spend so much time in the browser that even tiny page delays can add up to minutes of lost time every day. When measured with tools like Speedometer, improvements over the last year have made Chrome more than 15 percent faster on both desktop and Android. That’s good news if you’re working against a deadline or trying to place a last-minute order. We also know that you want to get as much browsing time out of your laptop’s battery as possible. So Chrome now uses less battery for sites that people visit the most. For example, Chrome for Windows lets you watch more video on sites like Vimeo, Facebook and YouTube than it did a year ago.

Microsoft is trying hard to get Windows 10 users to utilize their native Edge browser over Google Chrome and of course that makes perfect business sense. But with the issues Microsoft has had with Internet Explore in the past, users are hard pressed to use Edge and stick with Chrome which has been more reliable with resource issues. Now Google has upped the bar adding in even more battery reliability so this puts Microsoft back on the offensive.

What do you think of Chrome battery drain? Has it improved for you? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

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