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Karma — the automaker formerly known as Fiskar Automotive — recently unveiled their newest luxury plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Karma Revero. The vehicle looks incredible, and is a feat of style, design, and engineering with features like a solar roof capable of powering the vehicle, hand-painted Karma badging, and an overall sleek design for a four door sedan.

To fully complete the package, Karma turned to Rightware, and their user interface software, Kanzi. By Karma’s own decision, the user interface strives to be quite easy to use:

Our new infotainment system represents a departure from the norm. It is simple, intuitive, and beautiful. If you like a 200 page supplement to the owner’s manual to describe your infotainment system, look elsewhere.

The digital instrument cluster will be customizable.

Inside the Karma Revero you’ll find two instances of the Kanzi-created interfaces: On the digital instrument cluster, as well as the infotainment system. The instrument cluster will be adjustable, allowing each driver to configure what is shown to suit their preferences. The digital speedometer will be front and center in this instrument panel, but it will also feature map and entertainment content, helping to keep the driver’s eyes up front.


The infotainment system will provide the standard type of information that you’d expect, including heating and cooling as well as radio or other entertainment options. Intuitive design and implementation of the Kanzi interface will allow for all options to be found and executed in a minimal number of taps. The high resolution screen for this system will run at 60 frames per second, providing a very smooth and clear experience.

By using Kanzi to create this interface, Karma will also allow for quick and easy system updates via Over-the-Air (OTA) updates due to Kanzi’s small memory and storage footprint.


The exterior of the vehicle is clearly stunning. What they’re doing with the user-interface looks to be equally impressive. You can read more about the creation of the dash system in the full press release below.

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Rightware Kanzi® powers the digital cockpit and infotainment system in the new Karma Revero

Palo Alto, CA, September 8, 2016 — California-based Karma Automotive has launched its new high-end, luxury plug-in hybrid, the Karma Revero, with a digital cockpit created using Kanzi® user interface software from Rightware, the leading provider of automotive Human-Machine Interface (HMI) software solutions. The innovative new vehicle has a digital cockpit consisting of two integrated HMIs—a fully digital instrument cluster and a high-resolution infotainment system—enhancing the look and feel of Karma’s highly distinctive brand.

Karma Automotive (Karma), formerly known as Fisker Automotive, is a pioneer in high-end, luxury hybrid cars. Karma has revealed its latest creation, the Karma Revero, which features a digital cockpit experience created with Rightware Kanzi. The digital cockpit consists of two distinct but integrated and interconnected HMIs—a fully digital instrument cluster and an infotainment system. The two HMIs share data seamlessly, creating a cohesive brand and user experience for the driver.

“Our vision at Karma Automotive is to inspire. We strive for timeless designs and use the latest and best technology in order to create a distinct experience that forms an emotional connection between the driver and the brand. The digital cluster and infotainment system play a major role in creating this connection. Kanzi enabled us to rapidly create a stunning and distinctive digital user experience that reflects our unique brand identity and take the Karma driving experience to another level”, says David Witt, UX + HMI Design Manager from Karma Automotive.

The digital instrument cluster in the Karma Revero is configurable to suit the driver’s preferences. Its centerpiece is a digital speedometer with integrated infotainment and map content. The digital instrument cluster is integrated with the Revero’s high-resolution infotainment system, with a screen that updates at a vibrant 60 frames per second. The infotainment system provides a highly responsive and engaging user experience with integrated access to HVAC and Infotainment functions, making them easily accessible with just a few touches. Continuous innovation is important to Karma, and thanks to Kanzi’s small memory and storage footprint, Karma will be able to quickly and effortlessly update the user interface software using Over-the-Air (OTA) updates.

“We are extremely happy to be co-operating with Karma Automotive, one of the forerunners in the high-end, hybrid luxury car segment. In addition to having an innovative approach to merging technology and design, Karma Automotive also truly understands and appreciates the high value and opportunity for differentiation offered by infotainment systems, both for the brand and the driving experience”, says Ville Ilves, President at Rightware.

Rapid UI development made possible by Kanzi

One of the main reasons Karma Automotive chose Kanzi for the new Karma Revero was the ability of Kanzi to enable rapid UI prototyping and a seamless transition from design to production. Karma needed a UI solution that would enable them to rapidly create a new, stunning and visually distinctive digital user experience for their newest vehicle without compromising on quality. With the scalable and extendable Kanzi platform, Karma Automotive created two high quality HMIs in mere months and was able to meet development time targets. Kanzi enabled Karma’s core UI team to work in a lean and agile way with continuous design iterations, allowing design changes to be quickly tested on real hardware. Several plug-ins provided by Kanzi helped Karma to establish full connectivity with car electronics from the beginning of the design process, which accelerated development considerably.


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