Blizzard launches World of Warcraft: Legion Companion App

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By now the launch day rush has ended and hopefully you’ve all come up for air from Blizzard’s sixth World of Warcraft expansion — Legion. Most of us have had to return to work and thankfully Blizzard knows that the struggle is real when having to balance WoW life and real life. To help you get through your day, Blizzard has graciously released a WoW Legion Companion App to help manage your followers, companion quests, and even keep an eye on what world quests have popped up. It’s incredibly snazzy.


We’re back to collecting companions to send them on (sometimes questionable) missions in Legion. However, this time around we’re limited to 5 (that’s 5). On the Missions tab, players can check available missions, missions in progress, and even assign a Combat Ally. When you tap on a mission it will pop up all the relevant information you’d get in-game: mission name, experience granted, duration, as well as the enemies faced and what abilities need to be countered. You will still be able to see the % chance of completing the mission successfully as well as the % chance of the bonus rewards, if applicable. The cost of the mission out of how many resources you have left are below all that. Followers are listed underneath the quest box area and simply need to be tapped to be added to the line-up and tapped again to be removed. The only thing in the app that is different than in-game is the ability to see how long the missions will stay available to you before they disappear.


One of the new features of companion missions is the ability to recruit disposable minions which all have legion-companion-app-world-of-warcraft-recruitdifferent titles for each class. I’m going to use the Priest names for convenience (priests FTW!) which are Group of Acolytes (plebs, aka GoA) and Band of Zealots (beefy dudes, aka BoZ). You can have up to three of the Acolyte groups and two of the Zealots (before Class Hall research improvements). These plebs get to help fill out your mission groups if you so choose and give 15% (GoA) and 30% (BoZ) increased chance for success. With the Zealots having three hearts of health – meaning they can survive three mission, and the Acolytes having two, you can burn through them fairly quickly if you’re rapid firing them off on missions. It takes 30 minutes to recruit either, and 20 order resources for the lowbie minions and 85 order resources for the beefy dudes. Having the ability to manage all of that while away from your gaming rig is fantastic and will definitely help cut down on lost time waiting for the disposable minions to show up so you can send them to do your bidding.

World Map

legion-companion-app-world-of-warcraft-world-mapIt says World Map but it really just means the Broken Isles map, which is really all that matters at the moment. With the graphics being ridiculously sharp and detailed the map doesn’t quite fit on the screen in its entirety, though you can scoot around and even drill into each zone to get a better view of what’s happening. In the not-world World Map you can see every World Quest (as soon as you’ve unlocked them) as well as the normal quests you have in your quest log. There is also a filter function to display only certain kinds of world quests — order resource ones, gear ones, artifact power ones, etc. Very nifty and somewhat useful. There isn’t much else you can do besides look, but it’s still helpful to keep an eye on what’s popped up on the quest map while you’ve been away. Eventually there might be some good opportunities for more functionality out of this map but it’s only week 2 of Legion so we’ll just have to wait and see what else Blizzard has up their sleeves.


The followers screen lets you keep up on your champion helpers. Again, you can only have 5 active but you’ll be able to see the deactivated ones as well. You can deactivate champions, reactivate them, look at their abilities and check on your disposable minions status. This menu isn’t packed with features but it’s still nice to have.


The all important Hall research! Another simple menu, the research tab shows you what talents you have researched already, gives you the progress circle on stuff you’re in the middle of researching, and you can drill into any of the research items to plan your next talent acquisition. Your Order Resource are listed on this menu as well so you know if you’ll have enough to do all of the things you want to do.

All in all, the Legion Companion app is a great addition to the already super handy Armory app and definitely a must have for any current WoW players that want to stay on top of their game. You can download the Legion Companion app for free on the Google Play store or on iTunes. Check out the tutorial video below:

Are you using the app already? Tell us what you think about it in the comments, on Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter!


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