Google Photos on iOS now turns Live Photos into GIFs, video clips

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Last year with the release of iOS9 and the iPhone 6S (and 6S Plus) Apple unveiled their own mix of the animated gif and short video, dubbed Live Photos. When a user takes a photo, a short video and audio clip are taken before and after the photo is taken along with the still image, creating a roughly 1 1/2 second looping video, dubbed Live Photos. You could share Live Photos with other iPhone users, but anyone outside of the iOS ecosystem was out of luck. Google Photos on iOS was recently updated, allowing users to save Live Photos as animated GIFs or video clips, making sharing easier.

The recent update also brought stabilization techniques to the party:

Using advanced stabilization and rendering originally used in the Motion Stills app, Google Photos can freeze the background in your Live Photos or create sweeping cinematic pans, turning your Live Photos into beautiful, captivating moments. Easily save it as a looping video and share it with anyone.

They provided a pretty clear example of what this new update will be able to do in their Google+ post, and it’s really pretty impressive.

Also added to the iOS app are additional sorting options including recent or chronological. This is the one feature that Google Photos specifically pointed out would be coming to the Android app soon.

Are you an iOS user that has saved a lot of Live Photos? Are you looking forward to being able to more easily share those clips with your non-iOS friends? What else do you like about the recent update? Tell us what you think in the comment section below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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