CNET poll shows some switching to iPhone from Note7

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First, let’s understand that polls are usually taken from a small swath of users and are meant to be speculative and drive discussion more than anything. That being said, we reported awhile back that Apple could gain some sales from Samsung’s Note7 issues and a new CNET poll does confirm that is happening. By now we all know that Samsung has issued a worldwide recall of its flagship Note7 which is a direct competitor to the iPhone. For a few years now, Samsung has been intentionally releasing their Note7 ahead of the iPhone in hopes of catching buyers early. This time around it seems they rushed too quickly and it has cost them.

Courtesy CNET

The CNET poll shows out of 3,329 people polled, 48.5% of them are planning on returning their Note7 for the iPhone 7. Of course 3,329 users out of millions isn’t a large poll number but it does give us an idea of the attitude of some Samsung Note7 users. But even with the defecting Note7 users it’s not all bad news for Samsung. According to the CNET poll over 30% plan on exchanging the Note7 for a new one under Samsung’s recall. Just over 9% of users plan on keeping their device, which is probably not a good idea, and just over 11% plan on getting a different Android phone.

While we’re certain not every Samsung user is going to drop device and run into Apple’s arms. It’s obvious that some users are going to defect for whatever reason or perception they have due to the Note7 issues at hand. This is a good opportunity for Apple who has seen shrinking iPhone sales over the past few years. This could bolster their reputation again and set up their 10th anniversary iPhone for even better sales.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

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