MYSYM smartphone design has some bold ideas


Smartphone design seems to have entered a point of stagnation that’s begging for new life. While we’ve seen many smartphone concepts from talented artists, the MYSYM claims to have answers to several problems. What makes the MYSYM phone really unique is the idea of using two USB-C ports, one on top and bottom making the device omnidirectional. The creator, Leonard Wohlfarth, also goes on to make the case for carrying less dongles and adapters. The new iPhone has ditched the headphone jack and Wohlfarth’s design adopts that idea but the included second USB-C port allows charging and headphone use.

Wohlfarth also puts the fingerprint sensor and camera on the center back of the MYSYM allowing helping with omnidirectional use. He even thought of angling the area where the stereo speakers are to provide better sound. Overall it is an interesting concept and something to at least discuss and consider. Not that the MYSYM will become reality as the concept sits, but it certainly makes its cases effectively in the infographic below.

Smartphone frenzy has calmed over the past few years. Apple’s iPhone releases aren’t as insane as in the past. The lines around the block to buy the new device aren’t as long as they used to be and people are just less excited. Even Android phones like Samsung’s offerings aren’t gaining as much hoopla as in the past. While people may not be longing for a new smartphone design. I think if someone finally does something unique and different, it will certainly gain a good amount of spotlight. Be sure to check out Whohlfarth’s full infographic below and check out his Medium page at the link below.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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