Another iPhone 7 Plus battery incident, this one did not explode

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Well, our first iPhone battery story from this morning hasn’t even had time to cure and there’s already another report coming in about iPhone 7 battery issues. This one involves a bulging iPhone 7 Plus battery, not an exploding one. Now we’re reporting these incidents in fairness to the numerous articles we’ve written about Galaxy Note7 battery explosions and aftermath. The story on this one is sketchy at best and from the BGR story we’re not positive what happened here. Currently what’s being reported is that this particular iPhone 7 Plus was dropped and the impact caused the battery to be damaged and inflate.

I’ve worked on many MacBook’s that use the same sort of batteries and I can confirm if you damage the battery in some way, it could very well bulge up. The iPhone in the pictures certainly exhibits the bulging battery here and that does indicate something went wrong with the battery. But with the numerous iPhone drop tests all over YouTube, you would think one of them may have replicated this problem. But then again anything can happen and batteries are unpredictable.

all images courtesy BGR

As one poster on Google+ made mention, perhaps all of these smartphone incidents will prompt people to treat their devices with more care. That being said, with this being the second incident involving the iPhone 7 Plus we can’t rule out a bad batch of components here either. Only time will tell and we’ll have to continue to watch for people reporting the problem to see if it is a widespread issue.

In the meantime we’re going to reach out to Apple for comment on the matter, we’ll report back should they make any official statement but we’re not holding our breath. What do you think of this particular incident? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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