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Are we going to be seeing exploding iPhone batteries now?

exploding iPhone

The exploding iPhone seems to have exploded en route to the user and not while the user was using it.

You know, I lost count how many Galaxy Note7 articles we’ve written over the past few weeks but I know it was a lot. It was enough for one of my loyal readers to personally question my objectivity and suspect us of hating on Samsung. Rest assured, we just reported story after story because, well, it was news at the time and big news. I would have done the same had there been an exploding iPhone reported, oh wait, here’s one now.

As with all of these types of early reports you’ll have to take this with a grain of salt at first. The Independent is reporting what seems to be the first exploding iPhone 7 Plus reported by a Reddit user. The site does not give a link back to the report from Reddit but does provide two pictures of the iPhone 7 Plus in question. We did some searching for the post on Reddit and finally did locate it.

edit: coworker preordered the 7 Plus, was very excited, and sent this in the team chat when it arrived. The phone wasn’t used by my coworker because, well, see picture.
edit2: shared post with coworker. They thought you all deserved more pictures
UPDATE: An Account Exec from Apple’s Texas offices just reached out to me (verified via LinkedIn), asking for information around this post. Ended up giving them coworker’s contact information. Will update again when more happens.
UPDATE2: The Apple AE called coworker (about an hour later)! AE will work with AT&T to expedite a replacement phone. Don’t know what the timeline for “expedited” is with AT&T, but I will update again when the new phone arrives.


The exploding iPhone seems to have exploded en route to the user and not while the user was using it. We’re not sure what’s happening here yet for certain. The batteries used in any smartphone are combustible, and encasing them inside an IP67 case seems to make them more susceptible to exploding. Right now we’re aware of this one case of an exploding iPhone, at least the new versions, but we’re going to keep an eye on this story and report any other cases that may come up.

Many of the batteries used in smartphones are made by the same or similar manufacturers so it is entirely possible that Apple also was sent a bad batch. We’ll see if the reports  continue and what sort of reaction Apple gives should exploding iPhones become a problem.

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  Source: The Independent
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