Astro Core adds motion to your time-lapse with ease


Time-lapse photography is one of the coolest forms of photography around and many people love its surreal look. Taking a time-lapse has become easier with smartphones and other small gadgets, but there’s still something about shooting one on a proper professional camera. Unlike a smartphone, there are a few more buttons and controls you need to manipulate on a pro camera and that can take time. Astro Core aims to ease the burden of complex math and curves and get you shooting as quickly as possible. Astro Core has developed a motion gesture app (Android and iOS) that takes away the need to input values to control your time-lapse motion, check out the video below.

The biggest obstacle to motion control is creating a program, since it usually involves complex curves, values and math. We wanted to remove every obstacle so you can focus con creating amazing time-lapses, so we developed what we believe is the most intuitive way of creating motion control programs. We call it Gesture Programming.

Use the Astro App to record your desired motion in mid-air, then send the recorded program to Astro Core and it will precisely mimic your moves. It works with one Astro to create panning or tilting programs, or with two Astros to create simultaneous two axes motion.


Astro Core is not limited to gesture programming; in fact it features some of the most powerful features ever in a time-lapse device. With precise control for speed ramping, bulb ramping, ease in and out motion, and HDR time-lapses and presets, you can dive as far as you want into the controls and create unique and precise motion using the intuitive smartphone app.

After you set up your program in the app, send it wirelessly to Astro Core via Bluetooth. Then sit back and enjoy the view while Astro Core does the work!

Astro Core did send us a pre-production unit for testing and at some point, we’ll have a review and maybe some footage to show off here. In the meantime, check out their Kickstarter, it’s a great idea and the campaign is already fully funded with 14 days to go.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

Astro Core

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