Samsung said to be stopping Galaxy Note7 production

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Samsung started the end of the year in a great position versus their primary competition, Apple. The company debuted the Samsung Galaxy Note7 to critical acclaim and it seemed the device and the company had a huge leg up in the game. Then the problems began as the devices slowly began to literally explode. Users began reporting the devices overheating in pockets, spontaneously exploding on tables, and causing flights to be grounded. As the reports came in, Samsung realized this wasn’t an isolated problem and issued a recall of the device.

That recall became larger scale as the company involved government agencies in the recall and urged users to return the bad devices immediately. It got bad enough that some airlines made special requirements for the device and Samsung issued a public apology concerning the device.

The company began offering users replacement devices that were supposed to be reliable devices that weren’t affected by the battery issue the original devices were having. Then the reports of replacement devices started coming in hurting the devices reputation further. At that point all four major wireless carriers began offering users the option to return the Note7 for any device of their choosing. Just one more blow that would hurt Samsung badly but the carriers didn’t stop there.

Over the weekend both AT&T and T-Mobile have suspended sales of the Note7 and we fully expect Sprint and Verizon to follow suit this week. Now today’s news shifts back to South Korea where it is being reported that Samsung is halting production of the Note7 altogether. This makes sense since two of the major US carriers are no longer fulfilling orders and the other two are likely to follow.

Samsung Electronics Co. has temporarily suspended production of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, an official at a supplier for Samsung said Monday, amid a series of media reports that some Note 7 replacements have caught fire.

The halt is in cooperation with consumer safety regulators from South Korea, the United States and China, the official said on the condition of anonymity.

“This measure includes a Samsung plant in Vietnam that is responsible for global shipments (of the Galaxy Note 7),” the official said.

We still don’t have a solid answer as to why these devices have caught fire but we hope Samsung can figure out what is happening and at least give the public an answer.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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