Google Photos update adds new highlights, sideways photo detection

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Have you seen a notification from Google Photos in the last few days alerting you to the fact that some of your photos appear to be sideways? No, Google Photos is not drunk, this is just part of a recent update that brings more machine learning to the photo sharing service. Google Photos will also automatically provide more highlights as well as create animated gifs from your videos.

Starting with sideways photos, we’ve all had an instance where we’ve attempted to take a photo one way and the camera for whatever reason oriented itself differently than expected. Sure, with a few seconds and even the most rudimentary photo editing software you can fix that, but when your photos are uploaded to the cloud, it’s a nice added touch to have your Photo Assistant take care of that for you. You should receive a notification at least initially when any sideways shots are found, and there will be a card in the app that allows you to review any potentially skewed photos to get them sorted the right way.

Google’s machine learning has also gotten better at sorting people by their face. As you take new photos and look at them via the app, you’ll see older photos including any of the same people in the newer photos allowing you to more easily relive memories with those people.


Google Photos will now also create a highlight reel of your recent photos. For example, if you take a lot of pictures of your child, spouse, or pet, Google will occasionally show you a card with some of what they’ve determined to be the best from the last month. You can then quickly and easily share those photos if you’d like.

Finally, Google Photos will now create short animated gifs from your videos. The service already automatically creates animated gifs out of bursts of photos, this is just the next step in that evolution. The machine learning will look for moments of action and clip that out into an animated gif that’s easy to share.

Do you like the new features coming to Google Photos? Have you seen the sideways photo notification pop up after a recent update? Tell us what you think in the comment section below or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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