[UPDATED] 20th Century Fox releases first Logan trailer + Red Band trailer

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Hugh Jackman is back as everyone’s favorite X-Men berserker/anti-hero, Wolverine. But 20th Century Fox has opted to take a different approach for this film and have titled it Logan — and I’m all for it! While Wolverine became a huge name in comics in the early years of the X-Men, the character developed as time went by and Marvel started simply using his real first name: Logan. In this new film, Logan is an older man in a world where mutants are scarce and he’s just trying to live a quiet life away from chaos. Of course, it doesn’t take long before Logan is called for duties only he can perform which sends him down a path towards old enemies.

The trailer looks amazing and the addition of Johnny Cash’s cover of “Hurt” as part of the soundtrack is spot on, it creates that brooding somberness that translates this movie to a T. While previous Wolverine films have met with a mixed bag of reviews, I’m thinking this could be a hit. The opening of this trailer showing Logan’s hand trembling is just an amazing piece of storytelling on film and I am certainly hoping the rest of the film is going to be just as good as this trailer.

UPDATE: Red Band trailer added below, viewer discretion advised.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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