Instagram Live Video could be imminent as the feature leaks for one user

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Two famous and obvious quotes come to mind:

“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” -Andy Warhol

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” – Pablo Picasso

Put those together and you have Facebook’s general product strategy. Seems like every couple of months we get to see which feature will be stolen from Twitter, Snapchat and yes, even Google+. This time it is one that Facebook already aped for their primary social platform in the form of Facebook Live. Yes, it appears as though live broadcasting will be coming to Instagram at some point in the near future, because we need that option in every app to assure that our self-importance goes beyond filtered selfies and photos of our coffee.



Earlier this year, Instagram added a Snapchat-like stories feature that lived at the very top of your feed and disappeared after 24 hours. According to Russian site T Journal, one of their readers, Ilya Grishin, accidentally came across one story marked with a unique “LIVE” badge. Pressing on it seemingly took him to a page of popular live broadcasts before hitting an error wall. Grishin was reported to be running the latest beta of the Instagram Android app on his Nexus 6P when he found the discrepancy.

Additionally, T Journal shows a couple of photos showing a user interface for recording a story, with one bearing a “Go Insta” button, presumably triggering the aforementioned live feed. There is also a “Schedule” option at the top for what I can only guess would be a way to publish your videos at a later, set time.


Despite the plethora of reasons to be skeptical, like inconsistency between a “Live” tag and “Go Insta,” there is little doubt that Instagram will be getting some form of live broadcasting fairly soon and is undoubtedly testing the feature to some extent.

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