Sonic Utopia is an open world game created by a die hard fan


We’ve all played a Sonic game at least once in our lives and it was loads of fun because it was 2D and all you could really do was move forward or backwards. Sonic then became more 3D like and, in my opinion, it started going downhill. Sonic going 3D is not necessarily the issue of sales and fans losing interest, it just wasn’t the same as to what you and I were used to. SEGA has tried hard to keep Sonic alive by coming out with games here and there, and SEGA has one Sonic gearing up for 2017, but we still have a ways to go to see that game for sale.

Sonic Utopia is a fan based game created by a small team with a head developer who goes by the name of The Great Lange, and places Sonic in an open world with modern graphics and sounds that originated from the original game. Even though this game is still in development, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a change to play it. From the trailer below, you can see the open world style still allows you to collect coins, jump on enemies to beat them, and speed through loop-the-loops. At the moment it doesn’t look like there are any boss battles due to the fact that it’s still being developed, but boss battles may come at one point or another down the road. Feel free to check out the trailer below.

Mr. Lange even left a short description of the game on YouTube.

Sonic Utopia is an experiment that not only tries to expand on Sonic gameplay in an intuitive way in 3D, but also aims to capture the best of Sonic’s style and tie it together in a cohesive experience. Nearly everything in this demo, from art to sound to the gameplay engine, was made from scratch.

I created all of the models, animation, and most of the textures and sound, as well as the music.

What are your thoughts about an open world Sonic game created by a small team of fans? Do you think it’ll catch a few interest in people who still play Sonic? Let us know by leaving your comments down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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