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iPhone users do not have the luxury of wireless charging like many Android users have had for years now but that doesn’t mean they don’t want it. Wireless charging is convenient for some and being able to just drop your phone without having to deal with cables is a time saver for many. STACKED has offered that ability with it’s iPhone 6 cases and modular system and now they’ve expanded those offerings to include an audio mod and car charging mod. You can read the full press release below, we’ve reached out to the company for a review unit so hopefully we can bring that to you some time soon.

LOS ANGELES – (Oct. 25, 2016) – STACKED, a leader in reinventing the way people charge their mobile devices, today announced the launch of three new products that deliver power, unleashed: the 360° Speed Case Bundle for iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus, which features an improved second-generation 360° Speed Case, the industry’s slimmest, sleekest and lightest wireless charging case; the new Audio Pack; and the 360° Car Charger. These innovations further cement the company’s mission for category disruption, providing the fastest, most comprehensive wire-free charging ecosystem.

STACKED changed the way consumers power their iPhones on-the-go in 2015 when the company launched the original 360° Speed Case for the iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus. As the first truly wireless charging solution, STACKED radically improved the mobile charging experience by eliminating the need for bulky battery cases, portable power banks and cumbersome cables. At the center of the STACKED system is a powerful wireless 360° speed connector that charges and syncs an iPhone faster than any other method. This proprietary wireless charging technology is built into each STACKED case, battery pack, wall charger, audio accessory and dock. When the phone is in the low-battery zone, users simply “click” a battery pack securely to the protective case. Once charged, remove the pack to lose the deadweight. With its game-changing technology, superior functionality and performance, and relentless commitment to design, STACKED continues to be at the forefront of wireless charging.

“Our phones are an integral part of our daily lives, so everyone deserves continual power without the annoyance of heavy cases and dependence on power cords and wall outlets,” said Danny Guez, CEO of STACKED. “The beauty of STACKED’s wireless charging mobility system is you’ll always have power on-the-go thanks to the fastest, most efficient charging available. No wires, no clutter, no hassle.”

360° Speed Case Bundle for iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus
In time for the holidays, STACKED created a bundle that includes the Generation 2 360° Speed Case for the iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s, a 2000 mAh battery pack, and an AC magnetic wireless charging wall plug. At 10.7 mm and 38g, STACKED’s 360° Speed Case has been slimmed down to the essentials—simple, wire-free charging and full phone protection—and is the thinnest, lightest wireless charging case on the market. The iPhone easily pops into the one-piece case, which features a patented slide lock offering thin yet resilient protection. STACKED’s external 2000 mAh wireless battery pack magnetically attaches and self-aligns to the 360° Speed Case seamlessly, charging at 98 percent efficiency. Lastly, the AC Wall Charger stacks and charges up to five battery packs at once for easy grab-and-go power. Once fully charged, users simply remove the case from the battery pack. Should they want to use the wireless battery pack as a portable charger, the battery features a USB port.

The Speed Case bundle for the iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus is available now in Black/Black and White/Space Grey for $99.99 MRSP at The Speed Case Bundle for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be available in Black/Black and White/Space Grey in December for $99.99.


Audio Pack
Boost music, movies and videos with full range stereo sound on-the-go—anywhere, at any time—with STACKED’s Audio Pack. This bass-thumping speaker magnetically connects to a 360° Speed Case, amplifying the iPhone’s audio and eliminating the need for a separate portable Bluetooth speaker. Two 30 mm drivers provide full range sound and 4W performance to make calls crystal clear and music loud enough to fill any room. The Audio Pack also has built in Bluetooth for wireless audio away from the phone. STACKED’s Audio Pack truly transforms an iPhone into a more powerful audio solution. Additionally, the integrated kickstand allows users to utilize their phone in landscape mode to watch videos or play games with enhanced audio quality.

The Audio Pack will be available in black or white for $69.99 MSRP at in December.


360° Car Charger
The 360 Car Charger ensures consumers arrive to their destination fully charged. This in-car solution is the ideal universal mounting system for an iPhone, designed for the smallest footprint and ease of use. Working in tandem with the 360° Speed Case, both products magnetically attach to each other, creating a secure connection for an iPhone that is fully adjustable in portrait or landscape viewing angles. Through impeccable design, STACKED avoided flaws seen in most car mounts, such as clumsy brackets and complicated mechanical assembly steps. The 360° Car Charger securely clips into a vehicle’s air vent to instantly stack and charge a phone while on the road. This solution also provides a safe place to rest an iPhone in the car, avoiding the dangers and distractions associated with driving.

The 360° Car Charger is available now for $49.99 MSRP at


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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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