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Did T-Mobile CEO John Legere hint about Google Pixel coming to T-Mobile?

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Could that trick involve getting the Pixel on some kind of plan for T-Mobile customers?

A couple of hours ago John Legere tweeted something of a hint about Google Pixel and T-Mobile. While he didn’t say anything concrete it sounds like he has another trick up his sleeve. Could that trick involve getting the Pixel on some kind of plan for T-Mobile customers? We already know Legere loves the Pixel as he has been seen using it a number of times. Will that love for the Pixel result in him being able to pull some strings to get the device into more T-Mobile customer’s hands?

While he could be just teasing and simply come out tomorrow talking about how the Pixel works very well on T-Mobile’s network, what’s more interesting is that he could be able to put together something really interesting. Since seeing this tweet I’ve been wondering what that something could mean because the Pixel has been pushed heavily by Verizon as only being available on their network. However, since Google offers a monthly installment plan in the Google Store, Legere could be working on a promotion to get a bill credit or a way to allow Jump and Jump on Demand customers to use the Pixel and not lose their eligibility for future Jumps. The more I think about it that makes the most sense. In a previous article I said I’d love to get my hands on the Pixel and this just might be my chance. It might be the chance many T-Mobile customers are looking for to get their hands on the Google Pixel as well.

But like everyone else I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. What do you think John Legere has up his sleeves? Let us know in the comments below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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