Microsoft will give you $650 to trade your MacBook for a Surface


Microsoft really wants you to trade your MacBook in for a Surface. They want it so badly that they are offering $650 for anyone who trades in their MacBook or MacBook Air for a Surface Book or Surface Pro. It is said this deal will be starting on Thursday, October 27 in Microsoft Stores. MacBook owners need to know a few things before running out the door though. The trade in device must power on while on battery power, hold a charge, and not require a power adapter to stay on. The MacBook trade in devices must also not have any scratches or broken screens which are familiar rules because they are just like any smartphone trade in devices.


While this isn’t the first time Microsoft has offered nice trade in promotions it is a gamble that the new Apple MacBook, to be revealed Thursday, will lack the touchscreen and other functions that Microsoft often touts about the Surface Pro. If Apple reveals a new MacBook with a detachable touchscreen it seems like it will be difficult to swing Apple users over to the new Microsoft Surface Book or Surface Pro.


This begs the question as to whether you should trade in your MacBook? And the answer isn’t as simple as it seems because it really depends on the MacBook you have and the features you really want. For instance, if Microsoft allows you to trade in a 2010 MacBook Pro and you have a need (or want) for a detachable touchscreen then the answer is most certainly yes. But if a touchscreen isn’t necessary for you and you’re happy with a notebook that is always a notebook (no detachable screen) then the decision definitely is a tough one. (Note: as of this writing I was unable to find any specifics about the age of the devices Microsoft will accept for trade in.)

Would you consider trading your MacBook or MacBook Air for a Surface if Microsoft gives you $650? Let me know in the comments below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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