Google brings Android Auto to every car – so long as you’re running Android 5.0

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Google’s Android Auto debuted about two years ago to give Android users a better way to interface with their vehicles. But not everyone has a vehicle that is equipped with Android Auto nor do they want to throw money at one for the feature. Good news today though. Google is making the feature available to anyone with a car period. Yes, it doesn’t matter if it’s a Yugo or a Bentley, if you have an Android phone running Android 5.0 or better, you can get Android Auto.

There are now over 200 new car models supporting Android Auto offered from more than 50 brands, and many more launching every day. But we know there are millions of older cars on the road that are not compatible with Android Auto, and many don’t have a screen at all. We wanted to bring the same connected experience to these drivers too. So today we’re excited to introduce a whole new way to use Android Auto: right on your phone screen! This update allows anyone with an Android phone (running 5.0 or later) to use a driver friendly interface to access the key stuff you need on the road ― directions, music, communications ― without the distraction of things that aren’t essential while driving.

Whether your phone is connected to a compatible car display, or placed in a car mount on the dashboard, Android Auto brings your favorite apps and services into one place, making them accessible in safer and seamless ways. You can bring your music with you with apps like Spotify, Pandora or Google Play Music, and make calls or send messages with hands-free voice commands. And of course, get turn-by-turn directions to your next destination with Google Maps.

Of course this feature isn’t for everyone and some may not even care about being able to use apps in car but it is a great feature for those who do want this. Head on over to Google’s blog to find out more and to sign up to find out when your phone will get the feature.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

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