Verizon is adding two new prepaid plans

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Prepaid plans are a big thing to those that don’t want to be locked under a cell phone carrier’s financing agreement for 24 months. At the same time, some don’t want to be under a prepaid plan because they can’t get the latest and greatest cell phones out there. Verizon wants to be sure that both types of customers are covered. Starting November  13th, Verizon is adding two more prepaid plans to the list of plans they already offer, including 5GB or 10GB of data.

Verizon already offers prepaid plans which start at $30 for mobile only device, $45 for 3GB of data, and $60 for 6GB of data and that’s with auto pay. What’s included in those plans are: HD Voice, video calls, calls over Wi-Fi, 6-way calling, and browsing the internet while on a phone call.

Now, with the new plans including 5GB and 10GB of data ($50 and $70 respectively), you get more data from the latter plan and just the right amount of data with the 5GB data plan. If you go with either one of those two plans, you get what’s included above along with Carryover Data with on-time payment, hotspot abilities, Always-On Data (at 128 kbps speeds, streaming audio or video content may be affected) and international messaging to more than 200 countries, but with the 10GB plan you will receive a little bonus, with unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico for free.

Vice President of consumer pricing Rob Miller had this to say about the new prepaid plans:

People who choose Verizon’s prepaid service already enjoy the best value in the industry. The introduction of these new plans now gives you even more data to enjoy all that the next gen network has to offer.

Don’t forget that you can choose from some smartphones to go with these new prepaid plans to receive a discount on devices, but don’t expect to purchase a Google Pixel or an iPhone 7 at a discount.

If you’re looking into getting a prepaid plan, do you think Verizon’s new plans are for you or will you go somewhere else? Let us know by leaving your comments either down below, or on Google+, Facebook, or Twitter.

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