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Nintendo announces Wii U production is ending in Japan

Nintendo has announced on their official Japanese website that “production is scheduled to end soon.”

Nintendo’s Wii U console was originally released in November of 2012. The console has not been without its fair share of criticisms, and overall lack of sales — mustering just under 13.5 million units sold worldwide to date.

Nintendo has announced on their official Japanese website the following statement “production is scheduled to end soon,” and after that sentence is another note stating “in Japan.” Both of these statements have been translated from Japanese. It has been stated by Eurogamer from multiple sources that the last Wii U will exit the production line in November of this year, however, Nintendo has commented on this report as being “not true.” Historically, the Wii U has been known for its overall lack of support from 3rd party developers, along with the lack of 1st party titles released from Nintendo and there have only been around 8 titles published by Nintendo themselves for 2016.

If the recent announcement on Nintendo’s official Japanese website is anything to go by, then I think it is safe to assume that their Wii U console will cease production sooner rather than later. Remember that the recently announced Nintendo Switch is scheduled to release sometime in 2017, and Nintendo will want to push to ensure consumers have more reasons to put their money towards the newer console to make sure it is a success.

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  Source: Kotaku

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