Seidio Surface LG G5 case review: Slim and lightweight case for your G5

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We’ve reviewed some Seidio cases in the past for devices like the iPhone 6s, Galaxy Note5, Nexus 6P/5X along with a USB Type C cradle dock, but we don’t have a review for the Seidio Surface case for the LG G5 in our arsenal. Well, today is the day that we have a review out for LG’s latest G-series flagship device, and boy does this case look and feel great.


Like other Surface cases from Seidio, the design is going to be similar. It’s three different pieces, a TPU cover for the first layer, and then the top and bottom piece for the second layer. The front of the case is lifted just enough to where the screen of the phone does not touch the surface of a table or the ground, and that’s what I like about cases. The back of the case has holes for the camera and power button/fingerprint scanner, and the case didn’t get in the way when taking photos or unlocking the device when using my fingerprint. Continuing on the back of the device, you’ll see three small indents letting you know that’s where you can take the case apart and under that is the kickstand which is magnetic to the case. Pretty neat. The left side of the case has a hole for the volume rocker which is covered by the TPU case and works efficiently when turning the volume up and down. At the top and bottom of the case, there are holes for the mic, speaker grill, IR blaster, 3.5mm headphone jack, and USB Type-C port.

Back (gold)


Putting the case on your LG G5 isn’t that hard, but here’s a quick walkthrough just in case you have questions. Put the TPU case on first and make sure it covers the device. Next up is either the top or bottom portion of the case going on. It doesn’t matter which you put on first, but make sure that the case is fully on the device before putting on the next piece. Once you have the second piece on put the third piece and snap it in place by connecting it to the other part of the cover. All done and your G5 is now covered. As for the holster that you can purchase as an option, putting that into place is pretty simple too as the case just clicks into place.


Surfaces cases are dual layer, or at least in my eye due to it having a TPU cover and a hard cover as a second cover. The case is here for basic protection if you’re just going to be carrying your phone around town or at work depending on what you do. If you’re in the construction workplace, you should go with something a bit heavier and protective, but that’s not to say Seidio’s cases aren’t going to do the job just as well. I’ve already dropped my device multiple times, and it’s still doing just fine. If you happen to see a cracked camera lens in any of the photos in this review, that damage occurred before I started using the Seidio Surface case.

Magnetic kickstand


Pricing for the Surface case is $29.95USD which isn’t too bad for a case these days considering other cases can be $35 or higher that may offer the same amount of protection. The colors you get to choose from are black, gold/black, or red/black. The Surface holster is also $29.95 but sold separately. Not many will want to get the holster, but it will be there for those that want one and don’t mind shelling out another $30.

Wrap Up

Seidio has done an excellent job on making a case for the LG G5 and I like it considering I’m not a fan of hard cases. Dual layered ones at that. If you own an LG G5 and are looking for a new case or a backup case, this is an option for you.

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*We were sent a sample of the Seidio cases for the LG G5 for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on November 21, 2016.


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