Seidio Dilex Kryptek review: Kryptek camo for your iPhone

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Seidio has been sending us cases for review for some time now and they’ve become one of our favorite case makers on the market. Not only are they making quality products but also creating some unique and fun designs. This time we’re taking a look at the Seidio Dilex Kryptek edition with kickstand. Read on for the full review!


The Dilex Kryptek edition is something unique among smartphone cases due to the licensing of the pattern on the case. Kryptek makes camo patterns for the outdoor lifestyle such as hunting and camping. The same people who use Kryptek camo wear probably also use smartphones so it makes sense they might want to wrap those black slabs up with camo. Camo patterns aside, the Dilex has the signature Seidio kickstand on the back, the ever present Apple logo cutout and has a pretty substantial footprint. Overall the design is really well done and while I don’t live the outdoor lifestyle, I can appreciate the camo design on this case.



Install is a breeze, just slide your iPhone in top left first (volume rocker side) then work the edges into the case from top to bottom. Taking it out is just as easy, just pry up the top left (volume rocker side) and pry the rest out slowly. The Apple logo area is covered in a thin plastic which protects it, take care not to push on that cause it will pop out easily with force.


While Seidio says this case is only 3.6mm thin I can’t help but say this case has a substantial footprint and does add some girth. While it’s not super heavy duty protection it is probably close to heavy duty protection and I’d have no problem feeling that my phone was safe after a nasty spill. The raised front lip offers great screen protection and the camera module is recessed in so that’s protected too. Those corner bumpers are really amazing, they look almost like shock absorbers and provide great corner drop protection. The inside shell is lined with Seidio’s Hexguard technology which helps to spread the impact through the case and away from the internals of the phone.



The Seidio Dilex Kryptek edition is certainly not a cheap case and you can pick one up on Seidio’s website for $44.95USD. I feel this case is probably priced slightly higher than the competition because of the licensing involved which does make it unique. You will have to decide if the design is worth the extra premium.

Wrap Up

The latest case from Seidio is an excellent protective case with a unique design. It’s a bit pricey but is still an excellent choice when it comes to protecting your phone.

*We were sent a sample of the Seidio Dilex Kryptek edition for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on June 23, 2021.


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