iQunix Hima iPhone dock review: Desktop dock for iPhone

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Docks are a great way to keep your phone up off your desk and to make your desk look much tidier. There are plenty of iPhone docks on the market these days, and here’s our flash review of the iQunix Hima iPhone dock.


Without question, the iQunix Hima dock is an elegant slab of aluminum. It’s very sturdy and heavy, and the company says it’s strong enough to hold an iPad but probably not the Pro. iQuinix was smart enough to integrate the Lightning connector into the body of the dock, but they did neglect to make that connector adjustable. To connect the dock to your PC or wall wort (not included) there is a substantially long MicroUSB to USB Type-A cable that connects to the MicroUSB port on the rear.

The dock also includes spacers/protective bumpers that slide over the Lightning connector should you not be using a case on your iPhone. The feet are also interesting as they have a bit of sticky material on them to adhere to your desktop better so the dock won’t slide around. Overall it’s a beautiful design and feels very premium and sturdy.

Ease of Use

Fairly straight forward…simply plug the MicroUSB cable into the back and then to the computer or wall wort and set your iPhone into the Lightning connector.



The iQunix Hima dock works exactly as you would expect any charging/sync cable or dock to work. It not only charges your device but it also can sync your iPhone to your computer. The dock is MFi certified which is a bonus getting that Apple certification. The problem here comes with the inability to adjust the Lightning connector for thicker cases. The dock works impeccably well when the iPhone is naked and can sit on the Lightning connector properly, and some slim cases do work with it, but don’t expect extremely thick cases to work here. For that reason, I had to ding this dock a bit on performance despite that it does a fine job of syncing and charging.


Products that are made from aluminum and have any sort of Apple-like design are generally priced a bit higher and that’s the case here. The Hima dock will run you $49.99USD on Amazon which I could completely go along with if the dock was more accommodating to thick cases and the Lightning connector was adjustable. Without the ability to use cases that you want to use and without the ability to adjust to those cases, I just think the price is a bit high and the value to most will be lost.

Wrap Up

A super-awesome dock if you’re using a slim case or no case at all, but for those who have thicker cases, you might look elsewhere.

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*We were sent a sample of the iQunix Hima iPhone dock for the purposes of this review.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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