My Love Affair With Overwatch

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I recently bought myself a copy of Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch for my PS4 console, let me first start by stating that calling my admiration for this game ‘obsessed’ would be a quite an understatement. If you’ve been reading the site lately, you’ll know I’m not the only one who is a big fan.

Since the very first moment I booted this game up and was greeted by Tracer’s (a character within the game) now classic pose I have been unable, and unwilling to put my controller down. After the prerequisite tutorial section, I was thrown straight into a beautiful world of intricately designed and detailed maps in which I could utilize any 1 of 23 (with more getting added) playable characters.

Tracer striking her now classic pose.
Tracer striking her now classic pose.

Each of the characters controls differently from one another with their very own range of skills and specific weapons. The role that each character falls into determines their place within the team. In the ranked matches of 6v6 games each team carefully chooses their roster of characters to utilize their team members strengths, working in harmony is the name of the game here, as a team that does not communicate and work in unison will surely be on the receiving end of defeat.

Adapting on the fly to different play styles to suit each character and situation has been nothing short of extraordinary, and a welcomed break from the bleak “level up and modify your gun shooters” of late. During the quick play matches of the game you have much more freedom to play around with the different characters, and are able to familiarize yourself with the best way to properly utilize each one. Being able to switch mid-game presented me with some interesting and suspenseful matches. For instance I started off as Tracer and blinked my way around the map using her teleport ability and twin automatic pistols for the first half of the match, only to end up resorting to switch to play as Mei, due to the opposing team having a skilled Genji player, who made short work of my attempt to play as Tracer.

Screenshot of Tracer capturing a point.

I have become so enthralled with this game that I have even endured multiple arguments from my partner due to me not being able to put this masterpiece down for even a second. It got to the point where I would basically jump straight on as soon as I finished my work for the day. This would essentially render me dead to the outside world for the remainder of the night.

I absolutely love the passion that the Overwatch community has for the game, and I have personally seen a lot of support from high-level players. Whenever I had questions on the best formations to use, and how to adapt to the various play styles on offer, there would always be a fellow player to turn to.  The team aspect of this game is for lack of a better word, amazing. The fact that a team needs to work together and communicate effectively to win, leads to some amazing player interaction and banter, which in turn leads to some quite suspenseful matches as each member tries to compliment their fellow players.

Blizzard has once again proven that they are exceptional game crafters, and one of the top studios working today. If I had even one complaint, it would be that I wish there was a lot more backstory to each of the characters, and where they came from without having to look up the info and videos online or scroll through fan pages. That is just a small negative in an otherwise positive sea of things I can say about this game.

In summary, if you enjoy working together as a team and being an essential member of a well-oiled machine, then I would recommend you to check this title out. If however you are more of a lone wolf than I would suggest steering clear, as this will not bode well for you in higher level matches.

What are your thoughts on this title? Did you get hooked during last weekend’s free weekend? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.


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