Geek out with the music on 12GB of Christmas Vol IV


Christmas time is here folks and you’re going to be hearing a lot of festive music everywhere you go. We understand that not all of you like traditional Christmas music and so does composer, video editor, and geek Robby Duguay. Duguay is a creative geek out of Toronto Canada who also teaches audio for video games at Sheridan College. Last year we discovered his music through an email sent to us and we covered his Vol III album on our old site MOARGeek. This year Duguay is back with Vol IV of his 12GB of Christmas series and it will surely make a great gift for the gaming geek in your life. Here’s the track list.

  1. NEScracker Overture
  2. All I want for Christmas 2
  3. Have Yourself a Dreamy Little Christmas
  4. Need a Little Potion
  5. Passing Boychild
  6. Christmas Underwater Waltz
  7. Christmas is Running
  8. Petit Papa DK
  9. Delightful Christmastime
  10. I’ll be Home Sweet Home for Christmas
  11. Welcome Christmas Story
  12. We Traverse Afar

A fourth compilation of Video Game Christmas music! Twelve retro game soundtracks reimagined as Christmas Carols! Hear songs like “All I want for Christmas is you” and “Mary’s Boychild” in the style of console games from 1985-1999. Enjoy this special Christmas compilation of twelve homages to games like Megaman, Pokemon, and Final Fantasy 8.

The album is on pre-order at the moment and can be ordered from Bandcamp, link below, for $5USD. Duguay also has his full digital discography up for grabs for a measly $17USD and you just might like some of the other stuff he’s done. We know this isn’t for everyone but there are a few people out there that will get a kick out of what Duguay has done combining video gaming music with traditional compositions here. At the very least, you’ll be supporting a pretty cool guy who makes some pretty cool geek stuff. Be sure to hit the link below to check out his new album and all of his music. Check out his website as well.

What do you think of Duguay’s work? Do you prefer his renditions or the traditional ones? Let us know your thoughts and comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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