ARK: Survival Evolved makes its way to the PS4

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ARK: Survival Evolved is an early access open-world survival adventure game, developed by Studio Wildcard. The title has seen an enormous amount of success on the PC through Steam, and is a fan favorite of various gaming channels on YouTube, along with being released on the Xbox One console back in December 2015. Finally, PS4 owners will soon be able to venture into the harsh and unforgiving world of ARK and run around with dinosaurs to their little heart’s content.

ARK is not unlike similar survival adventure games like Rust and The Forest that have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Players are thrown into the world with little more than a name and are subsequently left to their own devices to forage for food, find resources to create weapons and tools in order to further scavenge for materials that can be used to build structures and camps. Players are constantly in danger, not only from the huge and various amount of dinosaurs roaming the landscape but also from other players, who can attack/help others within the game world as they see fit.

Players attacking a T-Rex

This dynamic makes for interesting and often intense game play moments, hence why the game is so popular among the YouTube let’s play community, almost anything can, and will happen. Players are able to not only build their own base of operations for further development but are even able to hunt down prehistoric creatures with the very weapons they have crafted. This also allows other players to join in with you, essentially meaning you can run around in a group laying claim to the land and creatures within it.

Players can even tame, train, ride, and breed dinosaurs within the game. There are around 100 different creatures planned to inhabit the world once the finished game is released in 2017. The PS4 release of ARK also comes with the “Scorched Earth” expansion pack. This expansion allows players to wander through a sun-baked desert environment, a stark contrast to the main island which features a rain forest aesthetic. The expansion offers up a number of new crafting options, weapons, and creatures (including dragons), all of which can be transported back to the main island as you see fit.

A player hunting a prehistoric crocodile

The upcoming release of ARK on the PS4 system may be a welcome one from console owners, however, it is an odd choice from Sony considering they previously held a firm stance on not allowing early access games on their systems, due to basically being unfinished, buggy versions of a game still in development.

What are your thoughts on early access games? Are you interested in checking out ARK on the PS4? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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