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2016 Holiday Educational Toys Gift Guide: Give the gift of learning


From robots to computers and talking pals, we’ve got a few educational toy recommendations for the holiday season.

We’re moving right along with our 2016 Holiday Gift Guides. In our Holiday Education Toys Gift Guide, we’ve got a few excellent recommendations that provide learning through fun for kids of all ages.

Ozobot/Ozobot Bit


We first reviewed the Ozobot a couple years ago, followed by the updated Ozobot Bit last year. Even so, both are still excellent educational items that make awesome gifts. The Ozobot and Ozobot Bit are powerful tiny robots that teach STEM and computer science learning through a collection of game-based activities and digital apps. Their easy-to-understand color code language makes Ozobots the perfect choice for introducing young minds to concepts that are vital to their success in the 21st century.

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MSRP: $49.99+ USD

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Piper Computer


Next up is a DIY Raspberry Pi computer project called Piper. Today’s kids grow up with “black box” phones, computers and gadgets that come in beautiful packages, but leave no room for tinkering or understanding how they work. At Piper, we believe it is critical to understand how technology works in order to make sense of our environment and invent the future. The Piper Computer Kit comes with everything you need to assemble your own computer. Inside, you will also find Piper’s revolutionary learning system that teaches kids engineering and programming through a combination of engaging storyline, physical building, and Minecraft gameplay.

Check back soon for our full review on this soon to be Top Pick!


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This astonishing wall-climbing robot has a motorized air suction system that enables it to walk vertically up and down perfectly smooth surfaces, like glass, plastic, whiteboards, and glossy laminates. In addition to the Geckobot, you can also build six other models and conduct experiments with suction to learn about air pressure and the mechanical physics of this unique device. Build models of an industrial robotic arm with a vacuum suction cup gripper, crawling inch worm, smartphone holder, suction tow truck and car, ellipsograph, and suction gun!

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MSRP: $49.95USD (currently $44.40USD on Amazon)

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Circuit Scribe


Let your creativity merge with science as you build exciting circuits using our Circuit Scribe conductive ink pen, sweet magnetic modules, and plain old printer paper. By placing the paper over a steel sheet, included in every kit, your paper becomes the base for blinking lights, beeping buzzers, and whirling motors.

Our full review of Circuit Scribe will be coming soon.

MSRP: $9.99+ USD ($44.99+ for Kits)

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MSRP: $24.99+ USD

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Bluebee Pals

Bluebee Pals

Bluebee Pal Sammy the Bear: the bear is a huggable plush learning tool that talks, sings and reads while connected to Bluetooth enabled phones, tablets and laptops. Bluebee’s advanced technology includes lip synchronization allowing the animal’s “mouth” to move while singing, reading your favorite storybooks, or engaging with all learning apps. Bluebee Pals and Apps are a marriage of today’s advanced technology and a perfect educational accessory to all tablets and laptop computers. Their exciting wide range of compatibilities provide enhanced educational opportunities for all mainstream and special needs children. The built-in Bluetooth Wireless feature allow easy connection to “all” APPS by pairing to any Apple or Android devices including smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

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MSRP: $64.99USD

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Boogie Board Scribble and Play

Boogie Board

Boogie Board scribble N’ play allows kids to express their creativity and provides them a tool to learn and develop Communication skills. Scribble N’ play motivates kids to develop writing skills, combine elements or draw whatever their imaginations desire. When kids write, they learn. From fine motor skills to refining letters, scribble N’ play’s unique design encourages kids to learn, play and create. Use at home or on the go. Write, doodle, draw and start over with the push of a button.

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MSRP: $34.99USD

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Magic Sketch


Another Boogie Board product, Magic Sketch has a see-through multi-color screen for tracing, 7-year battery life, and is durable and water resistant! This Deluxe Edition kit includes 4 Stylus, 3 Stamps, 1 Roller & 60 Stencils which allow kids to learn their ABCs, play educational games, learn to draw, and more.

Check back soon for our full review.

MSRP: $29.95USD

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If you’re looking for a more engaging, educational gift hopefully the items on our Holiday Educational Toys gave you a few ideas! Stay tuned as we’ll have the last of our Holiday Gift Guides over the next couple days.

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