Grasshopper Manufacture’s Let It Die gets a surprise PS4 release


Grasshopper’s long list of weird, wonderful, and truly bizarre titles are well known throughout the gaming industry. Whilst not all titles have received critical acclaim, one thing all gamers can agree on is that there is certainly no shortage of imagination and creativeness going on within the developer’s ranks.

Grasshopper Manufacture’s founder and CEO Goichi Suda, better known as Suda51 within the industry, does not hold back when it comes to implementing crazy stories and mechanics into his titles. The latest title from the developer came as a bit of a surprise, following a trailer showing at the PlayStation Experience 2016, the game suddenly appeared on the PlayStation store. What makes this even more of a confusing shock, is that the game is a free-to-play title which is a stark departure from the studio’s previous offline experiences.

Screenshot showing the player contemplating attacking an enemy

It has to be said that Lollipop Chainsaw was one of my favorite games for the previous generation of consoles. The pure explosion of eye-popping colors and visuals, combined with an absurd storyline and an engaging combat system made for an enthralling and captivating few hours of my time well spent. The fact that Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn was involved in the title certainly had a positive impact on the overall polish and experience.

Let it Die is a hack and slash action survival joint venture between Grasshopper Manufacture and GungHo Online Entertainment, the title has been compared in essence to Dark Souls due to the extreme difficulty of the game and the fact that the player will constantly die as a result. However, much like Dark Souls, Let It Die has a strong emphasis on death, and puts its own little touch on it within the game. Each time a player dies their “death data” gets uploaded to every other player in the game, subsequently making you an enemy within their playthrough.

Gameplay screenshot showing the brutal and bloody combat

It remains to be seen just how the free-to-play aspect will impact the game, although I would suspect that some form of micro-transactions will be involved, what these will include is currently unknown. You can check out the title for yourself, as it is now available on the PlayStaion store for the PS4 system for free.

What do you think of Suda51’s strange titles? Do you look forward to checking out the newest title from the developer? Let us know in the comments section below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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