BlippAR brings Minority Report style facial recognition


BlippAR is a handy little app that uses Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Augmented Reality to identify objects around you. Now the company is working on incorporating facial recognition into the app for an enhanced user experience. If you recall the Tom Cruise film Minority Report, there was a similar technology used where cameras identified passersby through a camera retinal scan. We already have facial recognition with Windows Hello, even Google Photos and Facebook recognize photos of faces you tag.

The company has included a people recognizing capability, allowing the app to recognize faces in real life or in images and videos. “Seen a famous face in an image, on a TV show, or in person? Blipp to see what’s up in their world,” the website says about the upcoming addition to the platform. The person’s face will be surrounded with little icons displaying pictures, social media accounts and other links to information about them online. So far the app has included 70,000 public figures and celebrities which the app can recognize but it will also provide everyone with the chance to upload their own face to the platform’s database.

If you upload any photos of yourself to a public social media website, chances are you could also be included in the database of faces BlippAR will have. The company does say that the feature will be opt-out and users do not have to participate. The video below shows what BlippAR does in its current state, the facial recognition feature has yet to be added. The video after the BlippAR video is how Minority Report envisioned our world in the future.

BlippAR’s new feature could very well lead to facial recognition advertising much like what you see in Minority Report. We do so much shopping online these days, giving a large chunk of our personal information to the likes of Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft. The technology could also lead to the padding of more government databases which house a plethora of information on citizens around the world. Like it or not, facial recognition of some sort is in our future. Our kids will be growing up in a whole new world than what we’re experiencing today.

What do you think of BlippAR’s facial recognition technology? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

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