The Android versus iOS argument is getting stale, let’s move on

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Okay, it’s Saturday and on many levels, I’ve burned the candle at both ends resulting in this incoming rantitorial. Is the ranting going to change anything? Probably not (I’m sure we’ll get plenty of colorful comments). But the beauty of owning my own website is that I can write a ranting editorial from time to time. Which brings me to the Android versus iOS argument that has so infested my social media streams. Yes, I am aware that your social media streams aren’t the same as mine but this isn’t a rant about your experiences, it’s about mine.

The Android versus iOS argument is getting stale folks, even in jest and intended ribbing humor. We really need to put it to rest and move on with our lives. Listen, both operating systems have come a long way since they both debuted. There were times in their histories when one did something better than the other or one had features the other lacked and eventually copied. Now Android and iOS are so close in performance and function the differences are negligible at best.

Yes, I know you want to root for your team but the current state of affairs in the mobile space is stagnation. About the only smartphone maker out there innovating anything is Moto with their Moto Mods system (and that’s also debatable). The iPhone 7 Plus and the Google Pixel XL are the gold standards for iOS and Android and they’re locked in a stalemate. Of course, those who have to argue will start pulling out specs and data that support their favored OS and phone (such as DXoMark’s rating of the Pixel camera). The fact is the average consumer doesn’t even look at DXoMark much less known who they are.

The Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 Plus are both amazing devices and the average consumer (the higher percentage of users buying these phones) will be happy with either of them. The average consumer doesn’t give a damn about Android versus iOS, in fact, here’s what they care about.

  • Does it take good enough pictures to post to Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter? (sorry Google+)
  • Is it fast enough to run Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter?
  • Can I play mind numbing games like Candy Crush and Pokémon GO?
  • Is the battery good enough to get me through most of my day? (because the average consumer is a wall hugger no matter what OS they use)
  • Is the front facing camera good? (because selfies are the most important thing)
  • How many good apps does it have?
  • I’ve already invested hundreds of dollars into Android/iOS apps I’m not switching.

I know I’m a rare breed, I use both Android and iOS. Heck, I even have a Windows Phone I use on occasion, but the online argument for your team is getting stale. It especially gets stale when it’s used to attack another user simply because they happen to like Android or iOS. I’ve seen many people posting their latest Pixel or iPhone purchase only to be mocked and made fun of by those who happen to prefer the opposite. Using Android over iOS or vice versa doesn’t make any one person better than the other. Let’s move on.

*Disclosure: I myself, have in the past participated in the Android versus iOS argument but have since been reformed.

Last Updated on January 23, 2017.

Android versus iOS

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