Users reporting some iPhone 7 Plus cameras are breaking

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I believe 2016 is going to be remembered for all the problems users have reported about flagship devices. Apple, Google, and Samsung have all had their fair share of issues to deal with and now it seems some iPhone 7 Plus cameras are breaking for some users. This is the first I’ve heard of the issue but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be valid. Some users iPhone 7 Plus cameras on Reddit are showing either black displays or discolored displays when opening the camera app. Still, others are complaining about the iPhone giving an overheat warning even though the phone isn’t hot.

My new iPhone 7 Plus camera went AWOL today and a quick Twitter / Google search confirmed I’m not the only one. I opened up the camera app only to be met with a black image preview, sometimes I can get an image however it’s either tinted green or purple and was once accompanied by a screen stating ‘Emergency iPhone needs to cool down’ when the handset wasnt even slightly warm. I’ve tried hard reset and factory restore to no avail, however I’ve been in contact with other users with the same problem and apple had to replace their phones due to a ‘hardware fault’. So if you’re met with the same issue take it back for a replacement 🙂

According to these users, Apple has replaced their devices but it remains unknown if this is going to be an isolated block of incidents regarding the iPhone 7 Plus cameras. Mobipicker doesn’t believe the issue is software related as some users had the problem before the latest update. Mobipicker is speculating that the problem could be a loose hardware connection with the iPhone 7 Plus cameras module or ribbon cable that connects to the logic board.

Have you had any problems like this with your iPhone 7 Plus camera? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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Last Updated on January 23, 2017.


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